wp_enqueue_block_style equivalent for scripts

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Since WordPress 5.9, there is the new function wp_enqueue_block_style to enqueue block styles only if necessary, which means only if the associated block is rendered on the current page. While this is a huge benefit, there is no support for scripts. So if your block requires certain JavaScript only for the frontend, there’s no ready-to-use function within WordPress.

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Transform rgb()/rgba() to hex via PHP

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While adjusting color values in PHP, I searched for a way to transform rgb() and rgba() to its hex code equivalents since I like those more. And since the hex notation in CSS allows defining an alpha channel for this since quite some time, there’s no showstopper to build a solution for this. But since this alpha channel notation is relatively new, I couldn’t find any code snippet in the wild that does what I like to. So I wrote it myself.

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Disable “smart” compression mode in Imagify

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Starting with version 2.0, Imagify implemented a “smart” compression mode that replaced the previous modes “normal”, “aggressive” and “ultra”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be that smart at all.

This new compression mode uses AI to determine the best compression mode for the given image. There’s no more option for you to tell Imagify which compression mode to use. The only alternative is the also new compression mode “lossless”, which produces much larger files than any of the other compression modes and had to be selected for every media manually.

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Block editor: Add settings to document sidebar

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If you want to add a new sidebar control to an existing block, there are filters for that. Or if it’s your own block, you can just use InspectorControls for that. But if you wand to add global settings, which reflect something for the whole post, you need to do it differently.

Since I couldn’t find a proper solution already described in a blog post or documentation, here’s my own one.

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