I’m pleased to announce the availability of Form Block Pro 1.1 and Form Block 1.3. Both ship new features to make your forms even more capable.

Block Styles

By restructuring the blocks of Form Block 1.3, you can now use the styles panels for these blocks, which means you can set color, font size, line height and dimensions for margin and padding if you theme supports it.

Styles panel in the block editor with color and typography settings

Better accessibility

An even better experience has been made for people relying on screen readers. Error messages are now linked to their input field and are announced via screen reader upon selecting the input field itself in Form Block 1.3.

Furthermore, in Form Block Pro 1.1, you have now the possibility to directly add a description to a field for screen readers to add instructions on how to fill the field.

Pro: Field dependencies

Also new in Form Block Pro 1.1 is the possibility to add field dependencies to display a field only if another field is filled or contains a specific value. You can also add multiple dependencies to make a field dependent on the value of multiple other values.

Dependencies settings with input fields for field name, condition and the value


For the full changelog, visit the corresponding pages for both plugins:

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