I’m glad to announce the release of Form Block, a dedicated block for the WordPress block editor to create highly customizable (contact) forms with ease.

This first iteration has a basic feature set and will be extended over time. Form Block is licensed under GPLv2 and fully open source. You can find the source code on GitHub and the free download at WordPress.org.


  • Create forms from within the block editor with basic input types, selects and textareas
  • Builtin honeypot validation
  • Server-side validation
  • Frontend validation
  • Knowledge base to quickly lookup information about form field attributes

Why developing an own block?

“There already are many form plugins out there” you might say and you’re right. There are plenty of them. For me, the main reason was that I want a modern solution right built inside the block editor (so far I normally used Contact Form 7 because of the customizability). And while there also are some solutions for the block editor already available to create forms, what I could see didn’t look very customizable.

Also, I’m dedicated to solutions that are well planned and executed and with attention to details. The easiest way to satisfy my expectations was to create it by myself. And so I did.

Pro version

Besides the free basic Form Block there will be a pro version, called Form Block Pro. This version is dedicated to all people requiring more complex forms, but also comes with various additional features like an extended server-side form validation or a neat drag and drop upload zone to manage uploaded files. You can find more information at formblock.pro.

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