Starting with version 1.2.0 of Form Block, it’s now even easier to create forms in the WordPress block editor – with the new form creation wizard.

New features

Form creation wizard

The biggest feature in version 1.2.0 is the first iteration of an interactive wizard for even easier form creation. Don’t bother with what input types you need. Just enter the field labels and Form Block is trying to create the best form fields available for you.

I’m pretty sure there is much more to achieve, e.g. support for radio buttons and select fields for this wizard, as well as other improvements. If you have any idea, please reach out, either here in the comments, per email at or directly with an issue at GitHub. Let’s make it as cool as possible!


To further improve accessibility, there is now an announcement if multiple fields are invalid upon submitting a form, which will be directly reported via screen reader. If there is only a single field invalid, it immediately receives focus so that it can be edited properly.

Custom subjects

Form Block now allows to define a custom subject for each form individually if you want to have a non-default subject for a single form.

Duplicate submissions

Until version 1.2.0, it was possible that a form was sent multiple times if you were quick in clicking multiple times on the submit button. This has now been fixed so that a form can not be submitted multiple times if it’s already submitted.

More changes

You can find all changes in the changelog directly at

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