Today, I’m happy to announce that the full website (and Impressum Plus respectively), can be completely used in English. This has been a long way but I finally managed it! 🥳 This does not only makes sure that every non-German user can view all information about Impressum Plus and the other plugins in English, but also makes the whole buying process more appealing and understandable.

It is now planned to translate every blog post from the German blog, that would also interest international people. I want to do that for all upcoming blog posts as well as on old ones.

English Privacy Policy

As a result of our own needs we also finalized the translation of the privacy policy that is shipped within Impressum Plus. You can see it here in action. Happy reading. 😄
Besides that the German version does now correctly differ between formal and informal language, so it finally does respect the language set in the WordPress backend.

Custom Field Titles

You can now define custom field titles for the imprint fields in Impressum Plus in the backend by clicking on the “Edit” link below the current field title (the link is displayed while hovering over the field title row). This allows you to further adjust the output to your needs.

To see everything that’s new, head over to the changelog.

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